I Love Fashion Frankie Stein

This Toys”R”Us exclusive of Frankie has a wide black stripe down the center of her long straight hair. She comes with a colorful argyle outfit plus two additional outfits.

The outfit she is wearing has a red collared shirt, a blue tie with red & white crisscrossed lines, and a red leatherette underbust vest. The argyle skirt has black, blue, and gray diamonds with black and red intercrossing diagonal lines. Her white knee-high socks have yellow designs at the top; one has stitches and the other has lightning bolts. On her feet are red sandals with ankle and toe straps.

The second outfit features a top that is part red and part black with a blue chain link fence pattern. The skirt is blue with red stitching, black crisscrossed lines, and a frilly red hem. Around the waist is a silver double belt with hanging chains and a yellow lightning bolt buckle.

The final outfit has a shiny silver single-strap top and patchwork pants. The pants have red patches and black patches with white diagonal crisscrossed lines.

Extra shoes include half blue & half silver pumps with bolts for heels. She also has white high-top sneakers with silver soles, silver laces, and black lightning bolt emblems on the sides.

Accessories consist of yellow lightning bolt dangle earrings, silver lightning bolt dangle earrings, a black bolt pendant, two black and two white bangles, and a silver bracelet. The doll’s black purse is detailed with screws, lightning bolt handles, and red power outlets.

Frankie does not come with a brush or doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as”I Heart Fashion Frankie Stein”.

From the box:

I got some kind of electrical bug that really shorted me out today and made me feel like I was running on half a charge. Some of the ghouls called to see if I wanted to go to the Maul but I didn't really feel up to leaving the house so I did the next best thing to shopping. I organized my closet! it may not sound glamorous but I fixed it to look like a store display so now when I get dressed it's almost as if I'm in my own private fashion boutique picking out styles for the day... well almost .) xx Frankie

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  • X4491
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