I Love Fashion Iris Clops

Iris has long straight hair that has shades of green and brown. It is pulled into a ponytail in the back and has a pink streaked braid that wraps around her head.

She is wearing a colorful 3/4 sleeve top that features an image of an eye with a rainbow iris. Her white pants are decorated with a pattern of eyeballs that have blue, green, yellow, and pink irises. Worn around her waist is a green rope belt and on her feet are turquoise booties with eye accents.

The second outfit has a sleeveless pink top with a one-eyed Skullette outline. The black skirt is decorated with a white cracked print embellished with pink-bowed Skullettes. Complementing the outfit is a big-buckled turquoise belt and black ankle-strap pumps.

The final outfit begins with a form-fitting strapless black dress with a print of colorful batwing eyeball outlines and a sparkly peplum. Over the dress is a magenta jacked with a black fractured print. Completing the ensemble are knee-high magenta boots with black wedges, bow straps, and stud accents.

Additional accessories consist of eyeball earrings, a white chain necklace with a batwng eyeball, and multiple bracelets. There is an orange bracelet, a studded magenta bracelet, and four bangles that are green, yellow, pink, and blue. Her purse is black, double-handled, and made up of black eyeballs.

Iris comes with a brush and a doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as “I Heart Fashion Iris Clops”.

From the box:

The maul is okay for other ghouls, but when Iris has her eye on expanding her wardrobe, she heads to the planetscarium gift shop where the fashions are surprisingly stellar! Whenever she gazes upon an out-of-this-world outfit, she grips it fright so even her clumsy hands won't drop... oops!

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  • CKD73
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