I Love Fashion Wydowna Spider

Wydowna has an incredible wardrobe for this Toys”R”Us exclusive. She comes with three comic book themed outfits, plenty of shoes, and lots of amazing accessories.

Wydowna is wearing a sleeveless dress covered with a collage of Spiderella comic book pages. The dress has a red collar, a red strip down the front, and a wide shiny silver waistband. On her feet are silver spiderweb boots with red spiderweb spurs in the heels.

Her second outfit has a large white tee featuring a black & red “SPLAT!” comic explosion and rows of yellow dots. Under the shirt is a short skirt with black, white, red, yellow, and gray uneven horizontal lines.

Lastly, she has a yellow one-shoulder top with a pair of pants underneath. The pants are covered with a spectacular night time cityscape pattern.

Extra shoes include yellow spiderweb pumps and white knee-high boots. The lace-up boots have patterns of red dots, skullette emblems on the sides, and stiletto heels.

Accessories consist of silver spiderweb earrings, a blue double chain necklace, blue and silver bangles, red and white square bangles, yellow and white studded bracelets, plus blue and yellow wide studded bracelets. She also has a silver grommet belt with a skullette buckle and a yellow fingerless glove on one hand. The doll’s white purse has a long strap and a pattern of black dots and red spiderwebs on the flap.

Wydowna comes with a brush and a doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as “I Heart Fashion Wydowna Spider”.

From the box:

I usually like to take a spin at making my own clothes, but I don't always have a lot of time on my hands, so sometimes I like to swing down to the maul and see if I can find fashions that really stick. it's not always easy, though, since most places don't usually carry my size... in the six arm version, anyway. xx Wydowna

  • Model Number:
  • CBX44
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