I Love Fashion Venus McFlytrap

Venus has gone all out for this Toys”R”Us exclusive. One side of her pink and green hair has been shaved short and then checkered with pink and black. She comes with three awesome outfits, three pairs of shoes, and lots of accessories.

Venus is wearing a long black top covered with a green ivy pattern and pink & white graphics. One sleeve and part of the top is made of black lace. Her capri pants are a pattern of tiny pink squares and black spatter. On her feet are black lace-up boots with ivy filigree.

Her second outfit is a black & white checkered sleeveless dress covered with pink & green Venus flytraps. A black choker strap with silver circles goes down the front of the dress to the waist. The hem is trimmed with two layers of tulle; one is black and the other is pink.

The final ensemble begins with a pink top under a black & green ivy vest. Across the front of the top is serrated black fishnet held by a green strip. Completing the outfit is a mini skirt covered with pink & white splatter.

Additional shoes include pink boots with large cuffs and black pumps with twisty heels. Accessories consist of translucent pink sunglasses, black hook earrings, black safety pin earrings, green square earrings, a green studded bracelet, a white studded bracelet, a wide pink studded bracelet, a wide white studded bracelet, and a white studded belt.

She also has translucent black ivy wraps for her forearms and calves. The doll’s pink purse has a pink with white zipper on the side, green ivy edging, and green ivy handles.

Venus comes with a brush and a doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as “I Heart Fashion Venus McFlytrap”.

From the box:

It often takes a while for certain fashions to grow on me, so sometimes I like to go to the maul, find a nice boutique and just soak up the style; and although I don't have the same kind of cultivated fashion sense as everyone else, I do like planting myself in every pair of shoes in the place. I mean seriously though, if a ghoul is going to fashionably bloom, her roots need to be solidly grounded in some freakishly fab footwear, especially if you don't want to spend your unlife as wallflower. xx Venus

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  • BHM99
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