Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie

Lorna has beautiful curly orange hair that is accentuated by streaks of highlights. She has aqua blue scaled skin, webbed fingers, and fins protruding from her forearms, calves, and tail.

Her outfit begins with red top with a pattern crisscrossed black dotted lines, puffy sleeves, and a square of black mesh at the neckline. Her light blue kilt is made up of squares formed by red lines decorated with hearts and black diamonds. Inside the squares are white capped waves full of black sea monsters.

Accessories consist of a red plaid tam o’ shanter cap, a black sea monster earring, and a wide black knotted belt with a diagonal strap over one shoulder. On her feet are black lace-up shoes with high platforms made of gray castle-like bricks. Her sporran styled bag is coral pink and decorated with studs, Celtic knots, and a sea monster on the flap.

Included with Lagoona is a black brush, doll stand, black skullette passport, and a Rotland passport diary.

From the box:

Killer Style: Being a ghoul from the Highlands, I'd be doing a disservice to ma clan if I didna wear ma plaid, and since it can also get shivering Baltic in Rotland, I also like tae wear wool skirts and scarfs tae keep the cold at bay. Freaky Flaw: I never met a photo I didna want tae be a part of, much tae the consternation of ma parents, who are notoriously photo shy. It's not like I want tae ruin a shot, but it's just so much fun. Favorite Activity: Aye, it's photo bombing, but not just the ordinary kind. I like tae find ways tae get into a shot that are not so obvious, so ya might not see me when you look at a picture the first time. Pet: I always wanted a dry land pet like a Highland cow, but when you live in a loch there's nae place tae keep one.

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  • CDC36
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