Scarily Ever After Clawdeen Wolf as Little Dead Riding Hood

Clawdeen is dressed as Little Dead Riding Hood, a fairy tail ghoul with a nose for trouble. She is wearing a red sleeveless dress that features black laces up the front and a black tulle under layer. The dress has multiple purple strips that run from the top to the hem and end with gold buckles. Two of the strips create should straps and have gold crossbones by the waist.

Over the dress she wears a red cape with a hood. The inside of the cape is covered with black leopard print. Weaved purple boots with large collars, multiple straps, and gold buckles complete the outfit.

Accessories consist of two gold hoop earrings in each ear, a black picnic basket, and a purple arm warmer with a black tulle cuff. Also included with this Target exclusive is a black brush, doll stand, and a Little Dead Riding Hood trading card.

From the box:

Little Dead Riding Hood stood hooded in red, a bright full moon in the sky overhead. A casket of goodies held in one paw, for her granwolf who was feeling kind of down in the claw. "Now stick to the path, talk to none on the way; go straight to gran's house without delay." "Yes mother," she said as she left with a bounce, little knowing another monster was waiting to pounce.

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  • X4485
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