Scarily Ever After Draculaura as Snow Bite

Draculaura is dressed as Snow Bite, a lovely fairy tale ghoul. She is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress featuring a green top layer with a puffed bust and an uneven dripping hem. Around the waist is a white bow with a pink dripping apple pattern. Under the green is a pink skirt with an outline of small black apple-skulls and larger shiny green apple-skulls. The skirt’s hem is serrated and embellished with black tulle.

Black pumps complete the ensemble. Each shoe has a pink bow wrapped around the toebox, a green leaf counter, and a translucent green dripping heel.

Translucent green accessories comprise of apple-skull earrings, an apple-skull barette, and a necklace. Her hinged purse is a translucent green apple-skull with dripping goo. Also included with this Target exclusive is a green brush, doll stand, and a Snow Bite trading card.

From the box:

Once there was a kingdom where the ghouls were wondrous fair yet none could hold a candle to Snow Bite of the raven hair. In manner she was proper and graceful, in attitude generous and kind; that she was considered fairest never crossed her mind. For she shared a gothic cottage deep in a primeval wood with seven friends who were zombies and for the eight of them unlife was good.

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