Scarily Ever After Frankie Stein as Threadarella

Frankie is dressed as Threadarella, a sweet fairy tale ghoul with dreams of a better life. She is wearing a patchwork formal dress that has one puffy blue sleeve and a shiny silver shoulder strap. The bodice and skirt are blue with red diagonal crisscrossed lines. The skirt has a silver strip by the waist, a short blue top layer, and a black fishnet under layer. Connecting portions of the skirt is a hanging blue strip and hanging silver strip.

Light blue shoes are the last piece of the wardrobe. They have reddish-pink laces that are wrapped around the ankles and feature silver scissors for heels.

Accessories for the outfit consist of silver needle earrings, a tiara, and a purse. The tiara is made of silver needles, reddish-pink thread, and light blue accents. Her purse is a silver spool of reddish-pink thread and light blue beads. Also included with this Target exclusive is a black brush, doll stand, and a Threadarella trading card.

From the box:

Once there was a lovely ghoul whose heart was sweet and kind she sewed all day with no time for play but for a better unlife she pined. Her name was Threadarella and she lived with her step sisters three, who were totally catty and even quite bratty, not nearly as nice as she. One day Threadarella told them about her grandest dreams but they shook their heads and laughed as they said, "You'll just fall apart at the seams."

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  • X4486
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