Shriek Wrecked – Nautical Ghouls Lagoona Blue

Lagoona has long blonde hair with pink streaks that is pulled into pigtails. Her makeup consists of light purple eyeshadow and a light pink lipstick.

She is wearing a white & coral pink striped top with 3/4 sleeves and turquoise trim. Her white skilts have double leg stripes and a black, yellow, and turquoise print that features stars, ship wheels, and “Monster High” banners.

Accessories begin with a large pink coral headband embellished with a black ship’s wheel. She wears gold earrings made up of dangling stars, a black tulle scarf, and molded black gloves. Striped socks match her top and her turquoise shoes are boat-like with swirly wave heels and gold star accents. Her white beach tote has pink lines and turquoise wave designs.

Lagoona comes with her pet piranha. Neptuna is pink and fuchsia with large turquoise eyes.

From the box:

Shiver me tombers! The ghouls set sail after Draculaura finds a map featuring a big treasure-y X! But when the seas get choppy, it doesn't take long to discover that none of these wannabe-pirates have sea legs - not even Lagoona! And Rochelle is more anchor than sailor! It's only a matter of time before their adventurous vacation is all washed up!

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  • DTV91
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