I Love Fashion Scarah Screams

Scarah has plenty of choices when she wants to look specter-ific, This Toys”R”Us exclusive comes with three outfits, three pairs of shoes, and lots of extras.

Scarah is wearing a pink shirt with a skullette pattern and a pair of black shorts. Over the outfit is a white leatherette knee-length coat with a green belt. On her feet are white knee-high boots embellished with silver heels and silver zippers up the sides.

The next ensemble is a shimmery green dress with a halterneck. The dress is accentuated with a white double chain necklace.

Her third outfit features a patchwork top. Part of the top and one sleeve is a black skullette pattern. Another part is white with a pattern of pink, green, and black safety pins. One sleeve, the stripe down the front, and the rest of the top is pink. Covering her legs are black & light green tights with random small skullettes and a torn appearance.

Shoes for the outfits include green wedges and silver heels. Accessories consist of white sunglasses, a black molecular necklace, two white square bracelets, two green square bracelets, and a pink bangle. The doll’s green tufted purse has a white up the side with a green skullette and white dots on the handles.

Scarah comes with a brush and a doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as “I Heart Fashion Scarah Screams”.

From the box:

Sure, now being a more traditional ghoul my own self I'm not one to be chasing after every fashion will-o-wisp that comes floating over the moor, don't you know. But every once in a green moon I like to carry myself over to the maul and do a bit of looking around. I usually end up though at a fashionably frightening little boutique where the owner can practically read me mind, which is a good thing, since it's terribly hard to ask for help when the store lurk interprets every question as a pronouncement of doom. xx Scarah

  • Model Number:
  • BBR86
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